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IMI440114 -Leading High Performing Teams


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Full course description

Creating high-performance teams in today’s complex environment requires a leader with a unique skillset. These leaders understand the personality profiles within teams and flex their communication style appropriately to motivate and inspire, both at an individual and a team level. This programme will bring you on this journey of team development, empowering you with the tools to create and sustain high performance within your team.


This Programme is for you if:

Ideal for those forming a new team, leading a key project or seeking to maximise performance in an existing team.


The Experience:

During the programme you will examine the journey of team development, exploring the attributes of the personality types within a team and equipping you with the tools to lead and inspire a team to achieve sustained high performance. Through DiSCTM self-assessment, you will understand your unique behavioural style and strategies for engaging with others, your needs and your preferred environment. To embed learning, the programme encourages self-reflection, quizzes, videos and reading to enhance the participants leadership skills.


The Results

Combining the insight from your DiSC self -assessment and your toolkit to motivate and inspire your team as individuals and collectively, you will return to your organisation prepared to lead and sustain high performance.